Storage boxes for my Hon30 layout

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 23 December 2014


it’s close to christmas and I’ve time and spirit to work in the workshop on the new turntable. But I find some minutes yesterday to design the storage boxes that I had in mind for my Hon30 layout. I’ll built two of this boxes to store and transport the modules with scenery. The fiddle yards will be stored separately.

The boxes shown above are approx. 60 x 85 x 27 cm in size. The front panel is removable to get access to the modules inside. They are aligned by some guide timbers and I use the plugs and sockets to secure them inside the boxes. Therefore I’ll add holes to take the plugs, or pins for the sockets.

I’ll use poplar plywood which will help to make the boxes as light weight as possible. I’ll add a handle on top or to the fronts for easy handling.

Now, with the design mostly finished, I can make a to-buy-list for the hardware store. Once I’ve the parts at home, I can start with the construction soon.


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  • mike beard says:

    This is a prudent move. There is photographic evidence of the next generation being around and if experience is anything to go by they will be into everything. Fit good, strong, locks my friend!

    Happy Christmas

    Mike Beard