Tiny progress from last weekend

Posted by Gerd on Monday, 23 February 2015


at the moment, most progress on my Hon30 logging railroad is done in the back ground. I spend a couple of thoughts about my rolling stock and the idea of having a railroad museum parallel to the forestry railway. At least, I sold some models, get rid of the “Palatinate Coal & Lumber” and did some other changes. More will be posted during the next weeks, when the new concept is finished.


Meanwhile, I did some tiny progress last weekend. I made a sign for my Hon30 layout from scrap wood and paper letters. The sign is 80cm long and fits inside the layout storage boxes.

Last Saturday, we went to a model train show and I finally gut some nice coal baskets to complete the coal deck on my layout.


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  • mike beard says:

    Those coal baskets are very nice, but the coal looks a little “dead”. I recall coal, rather than lignite, having sparkles in it. I have found a guy in the UK selling dyed sand and I bought the black sand and that glued onto coal looks better but too much but with a wash of matt black it looks really good. Send me your address in Germany and I’ll send you a “lifetimes supply”.
    Mappy Modelling,
    Mike Beard.