New U.S. steam loco in Hon30

Posted by Gerd on Friday, 6 February 2015

Good morning,

the Palatinate Coal & Lumber is proud to show you the newest locomotive to its fleet.

It’s a 0-4-0 outside frame F&C-loco from MinitrainS which has become PC&L #3. I installed DCC with working headlight on this one and first used my PC&L livery/paint scheme on this loco. It’s based on the Argent Lumber Co. and will be used on all my american logging locos in Hon30.

Since I had all set up for DCC installation, I took the Shay apart and continued with her. Both locos still need a typical weathering, a lot of clutter and detail parts as well as some crew. The Shay will also get a diamond stack made from brass.

I also installed DCC to the Climax. Both geared steam locos have non working head light (maybe I’ll add them one day in the far future). The Climax still need the paint job to get ready for use on the layout.

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