[Hon30] News from my Hon30 logging layout – Goodbye DCC

Posted by Gerd on Sunday, 22 November 2015

Hello again,

after finishing the preparations for the live steam show in January with my 2“-scale railroad, I decided to spend some attention to my Hon30 logging railroad during the winter time. There’s still a new module on my to-do list and some other ideas.

First off all, I’ll start with a fundamental decision. I did some test runs with my Hon30 locos and found out, that some did run better on DC instead of DCC. I also realized, that the layout at all isn’t so large, so running it on DC would work well enough. So I decided to say Goodbye to DCC…

I converted all locos back to DC. Well, I losses the feature of permanent lightning, but at least, not many logging railroads were operated at night-time. The benefit in my eyes are to spare the costs for DCC decoders for new locos and I don’t need the big DCC power station anymore. I got one of the really handy and great Minitrains controllers and I’m very happy with it.

I rewired the whole layout to stop switches which allows very simple to park locos on sidings and spur tracks. My first operation session was great and I enjoyed the reconfigured layout a lot. I also spend thoughts on new locos, since I got rid of that DCC stuff.

Bye, Gerd

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  • Gerard van de Weijer says:

    Hoera, Ich bin nicht mehr dr Einstige.
    Ich fahre seit 2009 wieder analog mit Gaugemaster Model W, alle meine Lokomotiven kann ich kriegend fahren lassen.