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[Fn3] – Shay #5 got sound

Posted by Gerd on Thursday, 7 April 2016 with 2 Comments

Hello Shay friends,

today, I’ll show you one of my long-time-projects started 2 years ago.

In May 2014, I repaired my old Bachmann Shay and installed a battery-powered RC system. Later I replaced the drive controller by a new one, without this annoying squeaky sound. But when the large steam loco is rolling by such silent, it doesn’t sound right…

So I decided to spend a sound system. I ordered a module at DIETZ wich was customized to match my loco (wood burner, no air pump, custom bell sound). The sound functions like bell, whistle, drain cocks a.o. are activated by the remote control. Background sounds were adding firewood, injector and pop off valve.

The speaker was installed to the diamond stack while the electronic components were placed in the fire-box and tender tank. Many model-Shay-sounds doesn’t perform the right amount of chuffs/rev. so I added a disc with 6 magnets to one of the pinion gears and placed a Hall sensor beside. This generates a full 6-chuff-sound/rev. synchronized with the steam engine. I added some paint and it’s not visible in normal view.

With correct handling on the throttle, the loco sound will switch to idling sounds when speed is reduced and it’s possible to create a close to prototype sound. Here’s a sound-sample from my workbench.

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Cheers, Gerd