[BCRR] – Caboose #51

Posted by Gerd on Thursday, 30 June 2016

In the past days, I reworked the little 4-wheel caboose of my small railroad. First I show you a small detail I’ll add to all of my rolling stock. Some while ago, I got a bag of truss rod plates, modelled after a D&RG prototype. I’ll install them on all my cars since they look much better than the plain washers.

As you can see in the pics above, the coupler was mounted directly to the body, which caused some over hang in curves. Due to the new coupler height at all, I had to lower the coupled by 7mm and I decided to make them flexible.

I reworked the old coupler and welded a shaft to the back. I cut a grove to the end beam with a router by using templates. A new mounting plate is installed and the coupler can now pivot 10mm to both sides. Not shown here is a bow which holds the coupler on level. This design of the coupler will move them closer to the track center on curves.

Another detail I added were additional hand rails at the platforms. As on the coaches, I made them from 6mm steel rod with eye screws to hold them on the car body.

Finally, the caboose got the new lettering is now known as #51.

Next project will be the string of disconnect log cars…

BTW.: I finished the Shay as well with the new lubricator mechanism and she’s back in service as well.