[BCRR] – Bolster pre-assembling

Posted by Gerd on Saturday, 20 August 2016

With the last bits done, it’s time to pre-assemble the truck bolsters for painting.

I decided to glue the spring plank between the sides and to get a tight bound, I’ll glue them before painting. To insert the springs, I’ll make the lower plank removable, but put them in place to get the bolster glued up square and parallel.

The bolts and nuts were used to clamp everything together. Once the glue was set, I removed the screws in the center ans replaced them with wood dowels. On the real thing, the spring plank would move freely up and down to provide the suspension to the car body. The spring plank would be guided by the side blocks, screwed in place. To get a prototype like looking truck, I faked them a little bit.

In the late evening, I took the spray cans and painted the truck sides as well as the bolsters. I also pre-painted the nuts and washers and all other hardware.

Next is to assemble the first truck… I’m very excited… really…