Arranging my new workshop

Posted by Gerd on Friday, 9 December 2016

Hi followers,

after we moved to our new home, it’s time to arrange and move my workshop as well to get some new projects started (and there are a few nice ideas on the list). Here’s a first overview of my new workshop.

First photo is a view down the stairs into the long room, followed by a back-shot. Down the stairs and to the left is an area wich I’ll use for the workbench and standard tinker area. The long wall to the right will be used mostly for storage.

The old “fire-wood-pile” will be home of the lathe and mill. The mill will be placed in the back, while the lathe will found its new home to the left wall. The right wall may hold shelfs with round stock, used on the lathe, as well as other stock material. In the far end of the workshop, where the 2″-scale bunkhouses are sitting, I like to install a storage shelf for my 2″-scale rolling stock.

Finally, I managed to start with my new workbench area this week.

To get plain and easy to handle walls in this area, I decided to add some wood walls in front of the sandstones. This way it’s easy to hook stuff onto the walls and to keep the sand and dirt out. I leave 2″ gaps at the top and bottom, to vent the walls.

I use the cabinets from our old kitchen in the workshop. The cabinets with drawers are used under the workbench. Once the cover plate is on top, I’ll cover the wall behind as well, installing power sockets and new lightning as well.

And I already moved some of my signs and plates from the old workshop.

Stay tuned for some updates, Gerd


  • René Daniel Kaliner says:

    Na dann hoffen wir mal auf gute neue Projekte aus diesen tollen Räumen. (Lohnt dich halt nur bei Eigentum derartigen Aufwand zu Betreiben) wünsche Dir noch viel Spaß und eine Tolle Weihnachtseit :-)

  • rolf says:

    wohl dem der solche Möglichkeiten hat :-)