Happy new year & workshop progress update

Posted by Gerd on Monday, 2 January 2017

Hello folks,

I wish you all a happy New Year 2017 , health and peace as well as many joy with our hobby !!!

I wasn’t busy at the end of 2016 and did major progress in the workshop. My dad helped me out one day and we covered the last walls to get the room clean. Here’s a before-after comparison.

The day before, I finished the electric installation. Once the rear section was cleaned out as well, we raised a storage rack for my 2″-scale rolling stock. The two spots on top will hold the Boxcar and Workshop-car, which have not yet moved to the new home. There’s a third empty spot below the Shay, which will hold a new flatcar one day. The Disconnects were stored in transport boxes separately.

Once the rack was build, we made a moveable work table which has the same hight as the loco tracks. So it’s easy to pull the locos out of the rack on top of the work table and move the table to the work area. The same table will be later used to load the locos into the car when driving to operation days. But Therefore I’ve to add some ramps and another transport vehicle in the yard outside the workshop.

The work table can be stored beside the rack when it’s not in use. All other equipment was also stored in this area like the bunkhouses and the water tower.

The last big task is, to raise workbenches for the lathe and the mill and finally to move all the stuff from the old workshop into the new one.

I hope to get the remaining stuff finished until end of January…

Stay tuned, Gerd


  • Jürgen Spendel says:

    Von mir auch ein frohes neues Jahr gewünscht. Deine Fortschritte sind ja mächtig. Ich drück Dir die Daumen das Du all Deine Ideen so umsetzen kannst wie Du sie Dir vorstellst.

    LG Jojo

  • Gerard van de Weijer says:

    Frohes Neus Jahr und bin gespannt auf nächste