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[MLC] Logging Caboose #7

Posted by Gerd on Saturday, 18 February 2017 (Comments Closed)

The next piece of Moody Lumber Co. roster has left the shops this week. It’s the logging caboose #7, which was rebuilt from the old BCRR-caboose. I removed the cupola and painted the car in brown.

Since I had some 3D-printed handrails left, I spend them as well to finish the platforms.

The interior was rearranged, since the high seat was not longer useful. I cut down a workbench, which I made for the engine shed scenery and placed it into the car. It fits in very nice and I could recycle another old piece. The car also features full lighting incl. tail lamps.

The next car project will be a bigger one, to ride on disconnects. I guess the car will be ready for service next week.


[MLC] Tool & Work Car #4

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 14 February 2017 (Comments Closed)

Hello again,

my new Moody Lumber Co. was a bit boring with the Shay and disconnect log cars only. So I finished the Tool & Work Car #4 to go along with them. The car was already rebuilt last year, to sit on top of one disconnect log car pair. So I removed the old BCRR lettering and applied the new one for the MLC which is the road# only for the cars. So the Tool & Work Car got #4.

I spend some effort to add truss roads to the flat car body. this was not easy on this car, since I couldn’t add them in full function due to glued construction. So I added them for show only. The other car bodies will get full truss-rods installed. The queen-posts were 3D-printed as well as the hand rails.

So this is the first car (beside the disconnect log cars) in service for the MLC, but will not be alone for a long time. I already started work on the old caboose which will become a logging caboose. More on this project will come the next week.

Fun fact : the shed on the work caboose was built in 2008, when I started my BCRR, as well as some of the “workshop detail stuff”.

Cheers, Gerd

[MLC] Introducing my new 2″-scale logging railroad

Posted by Gerd on Saturday, 4 February 2017 with 1 Comment

Dear logging railroad friends,

after a long break, I’m finally back on my 2″-scale logging railroad. In November 2016, I called my old “Bear Creek Lumber & Railroad” a Fallen Flag due to several reason. Some of the rolling stock is now used on a new logging operation and looks into a new future.

The “Moody Lumber Company”

20170201_211421Several miles from the Bear Creek, Mr. Moody claimed several acres of timber and set up a lumber mill. When he was looking for some cheap railroad stuff to build his own logging railroad, he bought some locos and cars of the former Bear Creek Railroad. He could also acquire some miles of rails to lay the first logging line into the woods. Before the second-hand rolling stock got into service, they were maintained and repainted for the new owner in their own shops. The first loco in service for the “Moody Lumber Co.” is Shay #1, which is shown here, fresh out of the shop.

The new Moody Lumber Co. operates a Shay and a Forney which were bought from the BCRR second-hand. This makes the train operation special, since the Shay is mostly used on the logging lines deep in the woods, while the Forney acts as a “Mainline”-engine and pulls loaded log cars from a central logging camp down to the mill. Beside the typical log trains, the ML also takes care of all other goods needed in a logging operation. This includes supplies and food for the log camps as well as loggers themselves.

During 2017, I like to rebuilt and even new-built the other cars and the Forney. I look forward to have the Moody Lumber Co. set up until the end of the season. As before, I like to show you updates and progress photos here. I hope you enjoy my new adventure as I do.

Cheers, Gerd