[MLC] Tool & Work Car #4

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Hello again,

my new Moody Lumber Co. was a bit boring with the Shay and disconnect log cars only. So I finished the Tool & Work Car #4 to go along with them. The car was already rebuilt last year, to sit on top of one disconnect log car pair. So I removed the old BCRR lettering and applied the new one for the MLC which is the road# only for the cars. So the Tool & Work Car got #4.

I spend some effort to add truss roads to the flat car body. this was not easy on this car, since I couldn’t add them in full function due to glued construction. So I added them for show only. The other car bodies will get full truss-rods installed. The queen-posts were 3D-printed as well as the hand rails.

So this is the first car (beside the disconnect log cars) in service for the MLC, but will not be alone for a long time. I already started work on the old caboose which will become a logging caboose. More on this project will come the next week.

Fun fact : the shed on the work caboose was built in 2008, when I started my BCRR, as well as some of the “workshop detail stuff”.

Cheers, Gerd