A “Resita” makers plate

Posted by Gerd on Sunday, 18 June 2017

A few years ago, I found a LIMA plate replica, the manufacturer of the SHAY locomotives. Now I was looking for my second favorite logging loco, the Romanian RESITA. These loco were built in the 1940/50th and served several forest railways in Romania and others. Some are still in operation on tourist lines and a very few even on real log trains sometimes.

Since I couldn’t find any sign for sale, I decided to make my own one.

I searched the internet for a good photo, from which I made a CAD file. The letters and words are milled on the CNC mill and finally assembled to the complete plate.

A coat of acrylic paint gives the finishing touch. Well, its way to bright, accurate and clean to be a “real” makers plate, but I like it and it fit’s well in my collection.

One Comment

  • Jürgen Spendel says:

    Ist doch egal ob das Schild sauber und neu aussieht, allemal besser wie keines an der Wand. Auch wenn ich eher Schilder “deutscher E-Loks” aufhängen würde gefällt mir Dein selbstgemachtes Schild sehr gut. Applaus.
    LG Jojo