[LVLC] A Dolbeer Donkey from Ozark

Posted by Gerd on Monday, 14 August 2017


since I’m fully in Fn3-scale-mode, I decided to start the next project for my LVLC. Some month ago, I ordered a Donkey kit from Ozark-Miniatures , which recently arrived. Such early steam Donkey were used to haul wood from the cutting area to the log-landing. I ordered the simple version without haul back, since this will fit perfectly on my flatcar for moving.

The pics above shows what’s inside this “craftsman kit” with skill level “9”. Craftsmans kits like this requires timber-cutting, a lot of drilling and sometimes some special crochet work. Some years ago, I already assembled a similar kit, so I was aware of it.

First step if the wooden sled. I cut the timbers to size and drilled the holes as defined by the template.

Before I glued the timbers together, I gave them a ride on a wood rasp to engrave some grain and gave they got stained. The sled got glued together with wood glue.

The next evening, I inserted the truss rods from brass wire. I use browning fluids on most metal parts, especially on pewter and brass, to get them pre-colored. Once the truss rods are in place and centered, the NBW’s got glued into the holes to complete the truss rod imitation.

The first bag of parts also includes the main shaft with bearings and the flywheel/brake assembly. Together with the resin castings, the donkey begins to take shape.