[LVLC] Preparing the sawmill construction #1

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 26 September 2017

After some research, I found a nice prototype sawmill, which will be used to build the Louise Valley mill.

The Pine Ridge Lbr.Co. was a very small logging operation in California’s Sierra Nevada. The mills output was rough cut timber only, which got sold to the nearby …. The lumber was send down to the finishing mill via the … flume.

This prototype is just the right size for a small and authentic sawmill for my logging railroad. I go to use the GardenTextures kit as basis. After my first thoughts, it has to be twice as long as the kit is.

First I got some red cedar and cedar wood, which is used to cut additional timbers for the sawmill. I cut them on my bandsaw, which works very well. The color of the wood doesn’t match perfectly, but it’s okay for me. Using the original parts from the kit, I cut a full set of parts to build a fifth main timber frame.

I copied the original plans to use them as templates during the construction. I nailed some stop and fixing blocks in place, to hold and align the timbers during construction.

Once the uprights are in place, I glue and nail the floor trusses first. Afterwards, the timbers for the roof are added. I used std. wood glue and small nails, while I predrill the nail holes to avoid the wood from splitting. Once the first side is done, I take the frame out of the jig, turn it over and add the second set of …. to the other side.

So first timber frame done, four more to go…

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  • Klaus-P. Kerwer says:

    Hallo Gerd,

    habe seinerzeit den gleichen Bausatz auf der WSL&CO verwendet, zwischenzeitlich mit einem Aufzug (nicht operabel) ausgestattet. Es würde mich freuen zu sehen wie Dein Werk fertig aussieht und ich ein paar Fotos per Mail bekommen könnte…
    liebe Grüße