[CFF] First work on the frame

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 31 October 2017


once the long list of projects was done, I started work on the frame. First I un-soldered the tool boxes at the rear end beam and the center support for the water tanks. The valve gear on the real Resita shows a lifting arm behind the expansion link while on the model version, the arm is on the same shaft as the link, facing towards the cylinders. This is one of the details I like to change so I drilled new holes for a shaft, which will take the relocated lifting arms. I also drilled holes for the dummy-brake rigging below the cab floor.

Next I moved the frame to the mill. The lower edge of the frame shows a recess behind the last drivers, so I milled 3mm off the frame. I used a 6mm ball-mill to start with the round sections and milled the remaining areas with an endmill.

The top edge of the frame is also a bit to high, so I milled off another 3mm at the marked sections. The areas around the shaft bearings and cross supports stayed in place.

Once the milling was done, I soldered the water-tank support back in its new location behind the new lifting arm shaft.

Next I’ll build the components of the brake system and I’ll spend some attention to the rear buffer beam of the frame.