[CFF] The suspension details and couplers arrived!

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Good morning,

I finally got my latest delivery from Shapeways, including the suspension detail and couplers for my Resita. I designed them on the PC as 3D-model and got them 3D-printed in brass. Actually, they don’t print directly in brass, they print a wax-model, which is than cast in brass as usual.

The photos above show the kit-version with my own design. The detail of the cast pieces is amazing. Due to some mis-calculation, the tension rods are a bit to long, so I’ve to shorten them during installation. On the back of the pieces are short 1.5mm shafts, which will fit into holes in the frame for alignment. The pieces are finally soldered to the frame.

The couplers are also cast in brass. They are of my own design, matching my planed couplers for the cars and wagons. They are combined link&pin-couplers with a loop for LGB-couplers as well. They are screwed to the frame.

Next week, I should have the frame complete for painting ;-)