[CFF] Details for the journal guides

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 21 November 2017


today, I’ve only a small update. I did some modification to the journal guides. The kit-version is flat and not so close to the prototype. So I took some 3mm brass and milled a 1.5mm deep slot into it. Another piece of brass got silver-soldered on top to form a “pipe”.

I sliced the pipe down into pieces, which will slide over the lower portion of the original pieces which got milled down as well. I added some screwhead-details and soldered all parts together.

And since my new sand-blasting-cabin arrived as well, I did some tests and painting. This is, why the guides are already painted red.

Now I await my latest order from Shapeways, which will include the suspension detail and couplers for my Resita. Once they are installed, the frame is nearly ready for painting.

Oh, and I extended the cab floor to suit the longer frame.