[CFF] Reshaping the cylinder covers

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Welcome back to another report on my Resita-build.

I spend some work on the cylinder covers. Comparing the stock cylinders with the prototype photo shows some differences I like to negotiate.

First I added another 6 screw-heads to each of the large covers. I set a second set of holes, tapped them for M2-screws. The screws got cut off on the back and filed flush with the cover.

The smaller covers above for the piston-valves were made from cnc-milled parts. The original piece is screwed into a hole of the steam-chest. I made a threaded-plug two close the hole with a smaller threaded-bore inside. Now I can screw the new covers into place with the center-bolt.

Now to the top cover of the steam chest. I made new ones from a piece of brass to make them 4mm higher than before. The new covers are “hand-cranked” on my regular mill, which was actual faster than cnc-milling.

I used a single block of brass, milled the first cover, turned the piece over and milled the second cover. I sawed the block in half and milled each cover to final shape. Now the cylinder is much closer to the prototype look.

Next I’ll finish the rear covers as well and start to assemble the cylinders.