[WBE] A new module for my Hon30 layout

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Hello logging railroaders!!!

After spending so much time on my Resita loco, I’ll switch to a smaller scale project. I just started work on a new module for my Hon30 forestry railroad. I look forward to exhibit the layout again in March 2018, so it would be great to show something new. Once the module is done, I’ll return to the garden railroad project. Promised ;-)

The new module will be 80x20cm, just the same size as my station-module and connects right to the left of it. The module will feature a sawmill-scene. Central piece of the module is the little Faller mill. I really like the model, but I’ve to kitbash it, to make it fit on the small modules.

So the water wheel will move from the back to the side of the mill. This makes the whole mill assembly 3cm narrower, so it will fit on the module with a run-by-track in front of the mill. I first made a paper moke-up to see if the clearance to the rail is okay, before I started with the building.

On the side of the main building, I closed the lower door and window, since the water wheel will be moved to this area. I pre-assembled the parts with tape to check the clearance to the rails again. Once I was sure, I started painting the plastic parts and assembling the sawmill structures.

It took me some time to get all the parts painted, weathered and build up. As usual, I build the houses without the base. I also decided to mirror the far right shed-section to make it fit better into the scenery.

With the sawmill building done, I can now start with the woodwork on the Casani-boxes.

Will be continued soon ;-)