[CFF] Bulk production of log car trucks

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Welcome back to part to on the Romanian log cars.

Last week, I should you the pre-production sample and now I’m ready for the bulk production. The first series includes 8 pairs, which makes 16 single trucks. To make live easier, I built all parts first, before I later go for the assembling.

I started with painting the white 3D-prints black. On parts I ordered later (like the journal boxes) I ordered them already black painted, which saves time. The log bunks are also 3D-printed. I just add nails upright to hold the log load in place and cnc-milled stakes. The handrail and brake spindle are soldered from brass and steel.

The finished parts were collected for single pairs first, later in stages of building steps, which was much easier to overlook. On a saturday afternoon, I started the final assembly of the trucks, which was done within 4 hours.

Where ever it’s possible, I use jigs and templates to make work easier. I started with assembling the frame segments together with the journal boxes and wheelsets in place. The couplers were pre-assembled two and screwed in place to finish the basic chassis.

The log bunks got painted in the meantime and are now ready for installation. The stakes can be unlocked and folded down to load or unload logs as on the prototype. Once the wooden boards are glued in place, I secured them small brass nails and added the handrail with brake spindle.

Here’s the full fleet of cars. Five pairs are already equipped with log bunks, the 6th set of bunks is on backorder. Two pair of trucks will be used on the flatcars, which I’ll show you next week.

Bye, Gerd

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  • Ulrich Schulz says:

    Hallo Gerd, scheinbar ist meine Dienstag E-Mail verschütt gegangen? Jedenfalls bin ich wieder von Deiner Arbeit begeistert.Vor allem imponiert mir, dass Du sogar eine “SERIENFERTIGUNG” betrieben hast. Weiter so und ein frohes Osterfest wünscht Ulrich