[CFF] Updates on my romanian cars and live steam meet at Schramberg

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Hi folks,

another week has passed with lot’s of activities.
First of all, I made an interior for my tool box, which was on my to-do-ist for a long time. The wooden tool box comes from the home store, while I added the compartment setup for all the tools and stuff I need to operate my garden rail live steam locos.

Next I completed the work on my logging flat cars. Once the brass frames got painted and weathered, I glued some wooden planks on top which got stained to a weathered grey. One car got a full deck since it’s used to haul goods and loggers into the woods. The second car seems to be “well used”.

Some while ago, I showed photos of my original “LGB logging railroad” which I build nearly 20 years ago. One of the survivors was this tool car. Since the original trucks got lost, I spend a pair of my new designed disconnect trucks. The car is now ready for service again as tool car, caboose and aux. tender for the steam loco.

Since this car is a “historic model” from my beginnings in model making, I’ll keep the original Playmobil interior even if it’s not to scale.

Live steam meet at Schramberg(Germany)

Last weekend, I attended the 2nd live steam meet in Schramberg. Last year I was there for a one-day visit and it was a very nice meet. Due to business requests, I was not able to spend all 3 days, but I look forward to do so next year. Needless to say, I had my Romanian log train with me. Very interesting was the direct comparison between my Resita and an original Reppingen-loco, showing the many details I added on mine.

Ans for sure I also run my log trains. Many visitors were afraid when I loaded the disconnects with heavy logs. Many couldn’t beleave that the engine would handle the load, but actually, she could pull even more cars. Also of interest was the little 009-live steam loco, that we ran during lunch time.

At least, here are a few movie clips of my train running. As usual on such events, I’m so busy with meeting friends and steam fans as well running my trains, that I totally miss to make more photos. At least, it was a great meet and I would like to come again next year for all three days.

Cheers, Gerd