[MLC] 5″-gauge season 2018 got started

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 1 May 2018


last week, in I started into the 5″-gauge live steam season 2018. In preparation, I made a new cart for loading the loco. I got a scissor lift table and spend some modification to make is fit the large steam locos. As before, the locos are rolled up from the workshop on a wooden ramp. The new lift table makes it very easy to handle the loco in the yard and finally to load to the transport rack in the car. Now the fun starts already while loading the locos ;-)

Pre-steam-up at Karlsruhe

Let’s go for some rides. The first steam up was on the layout in Karlsruhe, where I met  Jonas Sommer. We had the whole layout alone and enjoyed a very nice day, running our steam locos. Once my Shay was awakened from the winter sleep, she performed very well. It was great to run the trains very slow, without all the other trains around. The Shay pulled a short supply train to the logging camp.

Jonas was running his steam loco “Susi”, which pulled a string of cars modelled after the  Internationalen Rheinregulierungs-Bahn (IRR). From the same prototype, he build the red loco “Heidi” several years ago. Actually he builds a new version of this loco with proper dimensions by using original plans.

“2018 Season start” at the DBC Rhein/Main at Gustavsburg.

Last Sunday, I attended the official season start at our club layout near Mainz. The day started with rain, but close to High Noon, it became a warm and sunny day. Engine #1 pulled a string of empty log cars along the line. Unfortunately, I don’t have a log load anymore for my cars…

Bye, Gerd

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  • Ulrich Schulz says:

    Guten Morgen Gerd
    Wiedereinmal echte “Sahnestücke” , die Du vorstellst. So beginnt der Monat Mai erfreulich!Ich wünsche Dir und Deinen Lieben einen schönen Maifeiertag.MfG Ulrich