[Garden Railroad] Unexpected track extension

Posted by Gerd on Thursday, 6 June 2019

Hello logging and garden railroaders,

this week, I’m a bit late with the update, but I’ve some news on the garden railroad tracks for you.

I spend a lot of thoughts about some kind of a continuous run in the upper garden to have the possibility of “long distance” runs. I took the level and ruler to survey the mysterious hill starting right behind the garden door. At the end I was pretty sure that the hill isn’t that steep, and that I could lay tracks uphill with not more than a 4% grade. While I was waiting for the garden shed to be delivered, I used the break to extend the former dead-end tail track of the wye.

Right in front of the garden door, I placed a concrete slab which already starts the grade by 3%. From this point I use concrete bricks as on the other “in earth tracks”. I head to dig the tracks a bit deeper into the ground add some points, but finally it was no big deal to get up the hill. It will also add some typical logging railroad character.

While the new stretch of track looked a bit boring to me, I took some sand stones and created a rock-cut which adds additional character. Once there are some wild flowers and grass in place, this scene will look really cool.

I also had ideas for the further track extensions and I even laid part of them, but finally I rewind my ideas due to several reasons and will go to change the plan again. More on this during one of the next posts ;-)

Regards, Gerd


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