[CFF] Krauss part 2

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 28 January 2020

Let’s continue with the second part. As already written in the last week, I had some trouble regarding the battery pack. Finally, two separate ideas solved this issue. The whole body shell, including boiler, water tanks and cab, will be one unit, which can be lifted from the chassis. This will give access to the inside of the boiler area where I can place the battery. Also, this is the first loco in which the LIPO-safety-module is installed permanently. It’s switched off by the main power switch. Therefore I don’t need to open up the loco to plug/unplug the safety module. All the electronic stuff was placed underneath the cab floor. It’s just a small space, but everything fit in well.

Additional to the problem solving above, I started to make some new parts for the boiler. The “crown” on top of the steam dome was made from several brass parts. The new sand dome in typical Krauss design is mae from a solid steel bar. I reused some of the LGB parts where possible. The boiler back head was cut to fit the higher cab floor and also in length. This part is now permanently rigged with the boiler itself.

Another open topic was the material for the superstructure. Finally I decided to use ABS plastic sheets and I didn’t regret this decision on any point. The parts may look cnc-milled, but they are hand crafted by using regular workshop equipment. When possible, I made identical parts in bundles/packages. All rivet detail are actual aluminum rivets inserted into pre-drilled holes. Where I need to bend ABS sheets, I made a pattern from sheet metal and used an hot-air-gun to soften the ABS. Be aware of crosswise shrink at the bend! I didn’t take care to this when bending the front edges on the water tanks, but I was able to fix it.

The next report will bring some paint to the model and I’ll spend a closer look into the details, electronics and how the chassis and body are connected.