Quick building another segment for the WBE

Posted by Gerd on Thursday, 11 September 2014

Good morning,

yesterday, I had a real good evening and I did real good progress on my 4th segment. I started with ballasting the tracks and once the glue was well set, I added the basic ground cover with fine turf. This way, parts of the turf will also stick to the ballast glue on the overlap between greens and ballast and this will create a smooth blending.

While the glue was drying, I took some hard board and cut a piece to close the lake. This is a little bit larger than the whole and will be glued from inside against the cut out. I painted the board with acrylic paints to create a typical pond surface. Once the paint was dry, I added a self sticking clear foil to it to represent the water and glued the piece in place.

The hoped effect works well in the right view angle and lighting. Passing trains will be mirrored in the pond and in normal view, the pond will mirror the “sky” above which creates a simple and realistic looking pond. I’ll add more charm to the pond with grass, plants and reeds to the shores.

Meanwhile the glue for the turf had set well and I added some shades with the airbrush and started planting trees. Overall 40 Trees found there home on this tiny segment, but it gives the whole scene a real nice look.

But not everything was working so well last evening. I tried to add some electronic to power the smoke unit, but this didn’t work. I’ll check this with my dad the next weekend. And I realized that fishes want live in a static pond without fresh water inlet. My idea was to place some fishing guys to the shore…