[WBE] What’s going on on my Hon30 layout ?

Posted by Gerd on Sunday, 21 May 2017

I got asked often in the past month, so I use the time between my large-scale projects for an update.

Since we moved in our new home, the layout found a permanent place. Not stored away in the attic, it’s in operation as shelf layout in the office section of our living room, where I found my space for my model trains.

A few days ago, I even spend own lightning to the layout. The showcases above holds all my H0-scaled narrow gauge trains, the smaller one is for the WBE stuff only. I use to run trains more often than expected. It’s just fun to set up a train from the showcase and run it on the layout, do some switching and then take another train.

Once I found a new place for the printer at the right end of the layout, I’m also able to add another 60cm segment to the layout, which is already build.

Beside the ordinary service, some “strangers” got spotted some while ago… A whiff of “Maine Two Foot” comes to the WBE in form of Minitrains cute F&C stuff. I’ve even some plans for layout extensions for the future, but first, I’ll continue with my large-scale projects.

I look forward to get the matching F&C Forney soon as well ;-)

Cheers, Gerd