[CFF] Rebuild the front pilot

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 7 November 2017


another week at the Resita-workshop has passed and I made progress on the front pilot.

I filed the edges and “rivets” flush with the frame. From prototype photos, I made a proportional drawing of the front cut-outs and rivet location, which I printed on self-adhesive labels.

Once the drawing was sticked onto the brass frame, I drilled the rivet holes and also a bunch of holes where the cut-outs are. The cut-outs are then filed to final shape. To make the rivets, I used 1.1mm brass nails I had in my shop. They are hammered into the 1mm holes and have tight fit. There’s no additional adhesive necessary. I cut them off on the back and filed them flush with the frame.

Next project is the front boiler support. The original piece in the kit is well made, but was to wide when compared with the prototype. So I created a new one in CAD and cut the parts out of 1.5mm brass sheet on the cnc-mill.

Once they are soldered together, I filed the edges flush and made a test-fit on the frame.

I also decided to move the front frame cover from on-top, into the frame to be flush with top edge of the sides. This brings the whole pilot closer to the prototype-proportions. The boiler-support is just set in place and will be held down by the boiler.

As you can see on the last photos, I also milled parts for the rear end, But that’s a project for the next days.