[CFF] more paint for the Resita & first steam-up

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 2 January 2018

I’m totally in love with logging railroads, mostly for the worn out and cluttered look of the locos as well as the whole railroads. Clean and shiny museum railroad locos are missing the special flair and charm of the railroads when they are still in service back in the 80′ and 90′.

So I grabbed the airbrush and converted my fresh painted Resita…

… into a well used 1992 Resita, close to the chosen prototype 764-467.

Once the paint was dry, the Resita made its first run under steam and own power! An important milestone is reached!

Now that everything works fine, it’s time to lift a small secret of my loco, which was not named before. I installed a homemade “SloMo-device”.

Technically, a SloMo is a simple friction-/flywheelmotor as it is used in toy cars. The flywheel and gear reduction adds inertia and momentum to the small-scale steam loco. This leads into fantastic slow running performance.

My SloMo rides on the 3rd wheelset of the loco and is hidden by the dummy firebox.

Once I got the RC-components installed, it’s time for some more detailed test runs.

Happy regards, Gerd