Technical updates (GDPR)

Posted by Gerd on Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Hi followers & readers,

two sleepless nights and some grey hairs lay behind me, but I finally managed to do some important updates on my blog. First of all, my blog is now SSL-encrypt and I spend some attention to the actual data protection rules. Finally I was able to reactivate the blog-comments as well as blog-subscription and a contact form. The new data protection declaration can be found in the top menu.

As expected by me, WordPress and Automatiic have provided new updates to fullwill the GDPR. I also checked the other plugins I used, removed some and replaced others which were not “clean” with the GDPR. During the next days, I like to review older blog entries and update especially the Youtube-links, to reduce the data traffic between the websites.

If you determine any issue, please let me know. One starts to get routine-blinded to fast.

And now, back into the workshop for the next logging railroad project. Let’s see what I can show you next week.

Kind regards and enjoy your hobby, whatever which it is.