[MLC] Logging Flatcars – part 1

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 26 June 2018


when I cleaned the workshop two weeks ago, I found lots of timber cut-offs and I decided to use them for a project I had in mind for a long time. During the last Moody Lumber operation session at Zürich, I had several derailments with the loaded disconnects. Most were caused by the log load. While the disconnect log cars make trouble, the truck based freight cars do not.

So I started to build 3 more logging flatcars similar to the one I made some while ago and I’ll use the disconnects as trucks as I do on the other equipment.

I re-saw the timbers on my little sawmill (circular table saw) to get all the sills, beams and bolsters to make three flatcar frames. Some are already equipped with hardware. Next step is to prepare the side sills and finally assembling and painting of the frames.

Another big advantage on the flat cars is, that I can easily add some gondola walls to haul ballast or other freight as well, so I’m more flexible. And I can choose which kind of lumber/logs I like to haul from huge redwoods, to pulpwood.

Cheers, Gerd


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