“Ronja Springs” station & track work.

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 28 August 2018


once the first buildings/facilities were done, I directly moved on to build the station building for “Ronja Springs”. This time, I focused more on the joy of building, so I don’t have much “in progress” photos. I build the Pola kit mostly to the plan, but I cut off the rear section of the roof and floor, to make place the rear wall of the building close to the neighbors fence. This way I’ll have enough clearance in front of the station building for the trains going by.

I decided to make us of the “take apart” solution provided by the Pola-kit. The walls are build separately and are holt together by bolts on the inside. This allows to take the structure apart for storage. To add more stability to the lift-off roof, I added triangles from water resistant plywood. The roof segments got nailed on top of the wooden blocks and nails are covered with paint.

If I’ll use the disassemble function for storage is not sure yet, but it’s very handy to separate the walls while working on them i.e. installing signs and details.

The original layout plan placed the station building close to the water tank and loco facilities. Anyhow, when I first set the structure in place, it looked crowded to my eye. Especially while a two car passenger train is stopping to close to the water tank and switch. Finally I ripped of the two inner tracks and rearranged them.

The long combined spur track for team track and industry was split into two separate tracks and the station building took place in the middle. The short track to the right will connect a furniture factory, while the two car spur to the right will feature the team track with freight platform. The new arranged spur tracks are making switching also much more interesting.

Today I met Louise Valley Lumber Co. Shay #5 at the new depot. The LVLCo. sawmill is also located in Ronja Springs (at the far left end where the small yard is – it’s not actually shown by the layout). The LVLCo. uses the same grade up to the top meadow as the Daisytown & Southern, before she enters the Louise Valley on her way to the logging camps.

I’ll show you more about the grade to the upper garden next week. ;-)

Cheers, Gerd