Taking the grade to the upper meadow

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Hello friends,

today I’ll show you the first stretch of track reaching from the raised station Ronja Springs to the upper meadow of our garden. The first grade has 3.5% and is 11 meters long. The line leads into the upper meadow and through an S-curve to the right of the garden. This is where the rails end at the moment. In future, the track will continue to “Feddyville” at the end of garden. In the curve where the track hits the meadow, the Louise Valley Lumber Co, logging division will divide from the main line.

The track sneaks along the fence and a concrete wall, rounding the playground. As on the station, I used wood for the benchwork.

The curved segments are made from trapezium pieces, which were screwed together with 50% offset.

The rails in the meadow are laid on concrete slaps used for lawn edges. The tracks them self are not fixed to them, but the clayey soil holds them in place very well. I also like the look of this “ballasted” tracks. Maybe I’ll use this technique for the whole layout since the light grey ballast won’t fit into my eye.

Here’s a 4-car-train climbing uphill towards Feddyville.

Cheers, Gerd


  • Thomas says:

    Der bahnbau geht flott voran! wann kommt der Golden Spike”?

    • Gerd says:

      Hallo Thomas,
      damit rechne ich dieses Jahr nicht mehr. Meine aktuellen Gedankengänge zum weiteren Streckenausbau lassen größere Arbeiten erwarten. Mal schauen daß ich die “untere” Strecke dieses Jahr noch fertig bekomme.
      Grüße, Gerd