[Waldbahn Gazette] West Side Lumber Co. Heisler #2 in N-scale

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Hello logging railroaders,

at the moment, I struggle with some issues on my garden railroad project. It seems that I have just to many different projects and ideas going on, and I’ve to sort them out in those I can realize on my railroad, and those I should try to stop before it’s to late. So I use todays issue on my blog for another “Waldbahn Gazette”-post.

In the years between 2005 and 2008, I modelled a huge number of West Side Lumber Company related rolling stock in N-scale. While the prototype was narrow gauge, I modelled everything in 125% scale and operated them on std. gauge. Based on the very well made Atlas N-scale Shays, I made three 3-truck-Shays after WSLC prototype as well as 60+ cars and several structures. One masterpiece was the 4th engine, Heisler #2, which was entirely scratchbuild from brass some details parts and a KATO chassis for power. I sold this Heisler in 2008/9 as well as all other WSLC-stuff when I started construction of my 2″-scale Shay.

This project was brought back to mind this morning, when I read the sad news, that the owner has passed. His friend contacted me in search of details on the models. I searched my files and found the photos above and thought it would be nice to share this wonderful model with you as well. Remember, it’s N-scale and a unique jewel. I was glad to hear that this loco is still around and in good working condition.

Regards, Gerd

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  • Craig Barrow says:

    Dear Gerd,

    A long time ago you did an article for us on your three truck Shay. Jim Kline and I are finished with the steam books, although we wished someone younger would have taken them over. I don’t remember seeing this engine before.
    Glad to see your projects.