New radio control for my garden railroad arrived

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Hello my friends,

last week, we were on y short vacation trip through Germany, so there was no time for my logging railroads. BUT, there are some news anyway, since I got a parcel from UK yesterday, containing my first Deltang components. Deltang offers several items and modules to create Radio-Controlls for several model related purposes, including model trains.

I ordered two transmitter Tx22 (as kit) as well as some Rx65c-22 receivers. The receivers are very small and provide an H-bridge (ESC) up to 3Amps, directional lightning and several function outputs. All components and outlets can be customized and reprogrammed. Compared to the 20-year-old Locolink-stuff, the Deltang-pieces are very small. As usual on 2.4GHz RC, the receiver and transmitter are bind together to create the RC connection. More details on the Deltang components are shown in several Youtube videos. Here are some comparison shots with my outdated Locolink-stuff (which was futuristic equipment, 20 years ago).

I assembled the first transmitter yesterday in the evening and I simply swapped the receiver in my Shay #5. There’s no word to describe the feeling between old and new… it’s simply awesome. While the Locolink only had “a few” throttle steps, Deltang provides smooth operation on lowest speed and finest throttling. The Locolink was a “send&pray” kind of RC, since often a send command did not arrive the receiver unit and therefore there was some delay within the control. This was especially bad on switching trains. But with the new Deltang-RC, it’s possible to operate the train to the point. The upper right pot provides a manual inertia control for smooth starting and stopping trains. it can be adjusted as needed or turned off during switching operation. The upper left rotary-switch is for the “Selecta”-function. Up to 12 locos can be bound to one transmitter and controlled individually by selecting the number. Additional, the receiver provides functions for lightning and others, like sound.

During this week, I’ll go to refit all the other locos and to assemble the second transmitter. I look forward to share some more experiences next week.

Bye, Gerd


  • Martin Krane says:


    uch ich bin bereits seit ca. 5 Jahren begeisterter DelTang-Fahrer. Ich bin im Maßstab 0e unterwegs und habe für mich und einige Freunde bereits ca. 30 Loks auf das Deltang-System umgebaut.

    Für mich gibt es kein besseres Sytem

    Viele Grüße


  • Dieter says:

    Jo, Gerd, dann mal viel Spaß mit RC !

    Hatte vor Jahren es schon mal mit RC probiert, aber da war das mit den Akkus noch nicht so entwickelt. Jetzt ist es wirklich lohnenswert auf “Dead Rail” umzusteigen.

    Die Handsender kann man auch fertig gelötet kaufen!
    z. B. bei

    Ich bin auch mit dabei, erst mal H0e dann 0e usw.
    Freu mich drauf!

    Gruß Dieter