News from Ronja Springs

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 23 October 2018


today I’ve some news from Ronja Springs. The Woods Furniture building got the company name added to the roof as well as a stone basement to raise the structure to the height of the boxcars.

The letters were cnc-milled from styrene, the girders milled from PVC-foam-board. I used some T-profiles as well. All parts got glued together with plastic-cement.

To get the freight door to the same height as the boxcar floor, I added a 2″ high basement from PVC sheets. I got a sheet with stone engraving which I cut into 2″ high strips.

I also added the short wooden loading platform, which will get some wooden support structures later (parts not milled yet). Here’s the finished structure at Ronja Springs.

While I cut some more strips of the stone engraved PVC, I also made a 1″ high team track platform.

And don’t think we wouldn’t play with our railroad as well ;-)

Bye, Gerd

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  • Mike Beard says:

    That’s both the good and bad thing about outdoor railways. They are generally big enough to fit both little childrens imaginations and hands!