[Mogul] Wheelbase shortened

Posted by Gerd on Sunday, 23 December 2018


I can report success on the wheelbase-change of my Mogul.

Right after my last post, I grabbed the angle-grinder and started to cut out the new slot for the rear set of drivers. Once the rough cutting was done, I filled the slot to final size and smoothed out the edges to get a perfect fit for the axle bearings just as on the original slot.

At the inside of the frame, I had to remove a bit of the firebox sheet to clear the lip of the axle bearings. The bearings are now guided by the upper section only on the rear end, but once they are installed with springs and bearing lock, they are firmly guided and will suspend also. Key is to work clean and precise.

At the old bearing slot, I removed the noses which hold the lower bearing locks and installed the locks flush with the underside of the frame. At the new location, I head to make new locks from brass and screwed them in place. I used the nearby screws from the manufacturer plate and drilled new holes on the other side. And here’s the frame with shortened wheelbase.

Last step was to shorten the connection rods. I cut them with 3mm extra on both ends and milled 6mm of the ends down to half thickness. So I got a lap-joint which got silver-soldered.

The last photo shows the loco with boiler and cab added. What a transformation and for my point – a very good one.

Now I’ll take a brake in my workshop for the upcomming holidays. I whish you all a Merry Christmas.


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