[Mogul] Brake rigging and cylinders

Posted by Gerd on Wednesday, 2 January 2019

The new year has just started and here’s the first progress report.

I modified and reinstalled the original brake rigging to match the new wheelbase of the chassis. Since there’s plenty of room below the cab where the rear driver was original located, I made two typical brake cylinders from brass and mounted them to the rear end.

At the front end, I installed a Kadee coupler to the cow catcher. I was very unhappy with the first try, but the second one is just perfect. Beside the Kadee, the loco got an air hose (Ozark).

Since I’ve to wait for some other parts to get further progress done on the loco, I’ll have a look to the tender next. There are some holes to cover and maybe I’ll narrow the frame a little bit to make it look more Colorado-ish.

Bye, Gerd

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