[Mogul] Water gauge, whistle & chuffer

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Well, now it’s time to make some progress on the loco.

On top of my list was the water gauge. These early Accucraft locos didn’t have water gauges and since I couldn’t get one in short time, I decided to build my own water gauge from brass and the spare glass tube of my Resita loco. The base was turned on the lathe from brass stock. Once the basic shape was given, I drilled all the holes needed.

The thicker part in the center was than milled to some elliptical shape. Next I made the threaded parts on the lathe and silver-soldered them in place. Once sandblasted, the parts are looking very nice.

The center part was calculated long enough to cut the single part into the top and bottom piece as well as the into the glands which will hold the O-rings to seal the glass tube.

To mount the watergauge at the boiler, I need some elbow, which was made the same way.

Before the boiler was mounted back on top of the frame, I decided to place the whistle inside the frame. Originally, I was looking to install one of these nice resonator whistles, but I couldn’t manage the space inside the cab. Then I remembered some old unused whistles from my 5″-gauge locos and the “short” whistle fits very nice into the frame. I just had to cut away some sections of the firebox shell.

Once the boiler was back in place, I started to add all the other parts. When the threaded section of the exhaust pipe cracked off, I decided to spend some more action here as well and made a homemade chuffer.

And now it’s time to get the RC components installed – see you next week ;-)