[Mogul] Progress on the tender

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 5 February 2019


today I’ve the latest progress on the tender rebuild.

First I added some U channel to the front end of the tender body to add wooden boards which will hold the coal load in place.

The coal bunker on top was made from wood and is hold in place by a push-fit. This allows easy access to the receiver and battery inside the tender. The water hatch at the back was made from brass and copper, together with some Ozark parts.

While adding more details to the tender top, I painted the main body and mounted it on top of the chassis.

To model the coal, I used some decoration pellets which had the perfect size, but the wrong color. But this got fixed quickly with some paint.

And here’s the finished tender together with the loco. Still missing is the rear head light and lettering as well as some details.

That’s it for today, Gerd