[Mogul] New headlights and repaired cab

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Another week has passed and here’s the actual progress.

Since I was not able to get a second headlight which matched the already installed one, I decide to make two new headlights from stock. The parts are made on the lathe and mill.

To mount the headlight on the tender, I also made a small pedestal from sheet brass.

I also added the lettering to the tender and some detail parts like the re-rail frogs. Now the tender is complete and I can start the final tasks on the loco itself.

Now it was time to get the loco finished as well. First re moved the paint from the cab to fill in all the holes and cut-outs made by the previous owner. I started with scrwe-holes on the back. I soldered pieces of brass wire into the holes and filed them flush.

Some more work was needed on the larger cut-outs. Here I inserted larger segments of brass sheet. Once sanded smoth and painted, they will be barely visible.

Once all repaits to the cab were finished, I spend another sand-blast and painted the cab black on the outside and green on the inside. The roof got also repainted. And here’s the finished loco, fully assembled.