[Garden Railroad] Completing the wye

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Since the wye at formerly “Strawberry Hill” turned out as some runaround and shunting station for logging railroad operations, I made use of good weather and finished the tail track. First I set some lawn edge stones along the fence foundation.

From a friend, I got two concrete window lintel and used them as base for the tail track. As the new tail track was a bit lower, I had to relay the bricks for the wye as well to bring them to the correct height. The tail track rests 1/2″ lower than the entrance turnouts of the wye, to avoid runaway trains.

At least, I ballasted the new track with dirt. While the access to the lower turnout is very bad, I installed a switch through with rods and levers. Now the wye is complete and can be used in full operation.

The tail track holds the maximum length of log trains (cars only – approx 7′). It can be used as loading spur, logging camp or just to shunt trains for the trip down to Ronja Springs. I’ll add a bumper to the end of the tracks soon.

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