[MLC] Shay – Re-gaugeing the other way

Posted by Gerd on Wednesday, 17 April 2019


after I checked my other 5″-gauge rolling stock for useability in 1:7 scale as well (and they will look great, promised), I couldn’t wait to get the re-gaugeing started. Usually, re-gaugeing means the change of wheel-gauge on a loco, but in my case, I just cut the cab down to change the scale, which will transform my “out of scale” 30″-gauge 1:6-Shay into a “plausible scaled” 3’gauge 1:7-Shay.

Since the height of the armrest was already correct, I just head to lower the roof of the cab. So I removed the cab from the loco and spend a visit on the table saw. The rood was then mounted to the base with stripes of flat steel bar and screws.

The front windows got resized as well. The window on the engineers side more than on the fireman side. The photo below is missing the window frames and glass, which got installed later.

To fit the cab back to the loco, I had to do just some small changes. The pressure gauge was relocated, the bell rope was switched to the engineers side and the fake whistle at the cab got relocated. Last important detail were the half-size windows on the side of the cab.

And there she is, my “new” Shay in 1:7.2n3 scale. And I’m very happy/proud with the result.

Next I’ll re-scale the logging caboose. Photos and report will come the next week.

Cheers, Gerd


  • Tom says:

    “A little does a lot” ….
    Wobei ich auch immer schon ein Freund der “spielzeughaften Optik” war,
    im Stile von Joe Works / Flying Zoo ;-)
    Grüße aus der Pfalz

  • Tobias says:

    Kleiner Umbau, große Wirkung.
    Ich muss Dir zustimmen, dass die Shay jetzt stimmiger aussieht.

    Viele Grüße