“Veggie Corner” and garden shed

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Well, this might not be related to “logging railroads”, but it’s an important step into further extensions of the garden railroad.

My wife asked for a raised bed for veggies and we also wanted a garden shed for tools and stuff in the back of the upper garden.

The raised bed is homemade from stock material from the DIY-shop. Once in place, I continued with the preparation work for the garden shed as well. Since the ground is not level, I made a simple foundation from concrete planters and slabs. I also paved the area beside and behind the shed to keep them accessible.

The garden shed itself was ordered at the DIY-store and was delivered in segments for fast and easy erection. Anyway, it took me and my dad a whole day.

With these two points finished, I can now focus on further extensions of the garden railroad. There are a few new and interesting ideas raising in my mind.

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