[WBE] “Trainsmania 2019” in Lille

Posted by Gerd on Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Hello folks,

a year ago, my friend Bernd was invited to attend the model train exhibition “Trainsmania 2019” in Lille, France. The invitation came from Francois Fontana, head editor of the “Voie Libre” narrow gauge model railroad magazine.

Such an invitation can’t be denied, so Bernd and I started to France last week to show our Hon30-layouts at the exhibition in Lille. The “Trainsmania” is a medium-sized model train show, but had several wonderful layouts and especially lot’s of dealers with small detail parts, laser kits and others. Also on the market stands, there were several exquisite brass models and kits available. And the candy stand with white nougat was also very tempting ;-)

As we traveled to Lille on Thursday, we had set up the whole layout the same day to be prepared for the opening on Friday. As Bernd had his new station “Espagnac” fitted between our layouts, we changed the wiring to use Espagnac as Interchange station between our layouts and power-sections. This resulted in a great layout for switching, operation and the fun of train runs.

We were very surprised by the popularity of our layout at the show on both sides, the visitors as well as the other exhibitors. Even the language-issue, I for myself don’t speak French and Bernd only a little, was no big problem, as we were able to chat in English or German and we met many nice people.

Bernd created a special “show-module” with an acrylic glass plate on top, a Peco turnout, our standard turnout mechanism and the plug/socket connectors installed, which was perfect to show the techniques even without any words.

At the end of the show, Mr. Fontana took photos for an article in the Voie Libre.

Finally, we had a great weekend and model train show. It was so much fun to operate our layout and it’s a good feeling to get so much feedback

On the way back home, we discussed some ideas for future events like higher tables for better sight and especially some solution for proper lighting. There were also some ideas for future layouts.


  • Hannes says:

    Hallo Gerd!

    Lille ist mit über 600km Anreiseweg für mich leider zu weit weg. Aber nach den Bildern zu urteilen hattet Ihr wieder eine sehr schöne Anlage aufgebaut und wie Du ja selbst schreibst, regen Zuspruch.

    Magst Du noch etwas mehr Details zu der knuffigen Mallet preisgeben?
    Ein Eigenbau?

    Ich hoffe Euch mal wieder auf einer Ausstellung weiter im Süden besuchen zu können.

    Grüsse vom Rheinknie

    • Gerd says:

      Hallo Hannes,

      die Mallet gehört Bernd und er hat sie selber gebaut auf Basis der N-Zuckersusi von Minitrix.

      Grüße, Gerd

  • Norbert says:

    Hallo Gerd,

    das ist ja wunderbar! Sehr schön anzusehen dieses Arrangement. Die Zukunftspläne klingen vielversprechend.

    Beste Grüße

  • combe says:

    Hi Gerd,

    I follow you on your web site since few months and I was very happy to meet you in flesh during the exhibition and discover in real your fantastic layout. All the various concepts developed in your layout are excellent. You are very clever. The layout was only desserve by the light and the insufficient height but I’m sure you will find the right solutions for the next time.



  • Anonymous says:

    Lieber Gerd, wenn die HOe-Bahn Eusserthal auf einer Ausstellung zu sehen sein wird dann bitte sage zeitig Bescheid um einen Besuch planen zu können! Bedankt!!! KALLE

    • Gerd says:

      Hallo Kalle, der Termin stand seit dem 13.4. angekündigt im Blog und war extra auf der Startseite festgepinnt.
      Aktuell sind keine weiteren Termine geplant.
      Grüße, Gerd

  • Mike Beard says:

    More pictures PLEASE and certainly more details of that rather lovely Mallet. It looks like everybody had a really good time and it makes me wish I lived closer to the Channel Tunnel!

  • Anonymous says:

    Guten Morgen,
    Alles in allem eine rundum gelungene Ausstellung, die sehr sehr viel geboten hat, und viel Spaß gemacht hat. Vielen Dank nochmal.