[CFF] Resita is back on track

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Hi followers,

after the accident with my Resita loco, I’m glad to report her back on track and in operational condition. I was able to bend all warped parts straight and I even found the spare water side glass. I dismantled ans reassembled the loco two more times to fix several minor issues. After a proper setting and fine tuning, the loco performs well so far.

Unfortunately, I still have issues with steam by-passing the slide valve or piston, which narrows the fun of operation at the moment. My guess is, that there’s something with the displacement lubricator, as the loco needs very small amount of steam oil, compared to earlier operation. I’ll continue work on this issues and hopefully will solve it soon.


One Comment

  • Jozef Milko says:

    Hi Gerd, this is a good news, it should be pity to lost such nice locomotive, I believe you repair her to perfect state.