[CFF] The final touch on my Krauss loco

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Hello folks,

when I checked the photos for last weeks episode, I got bothered by the first photo below, showing a bright shining Krauss loco beside my other “well-used” rolling stock. Even if my freelanced Krauss loco is well done, something very important was still missing all the time.

The solution sounds simple, but takes several hours of work too. I took out the airbrush and spend a stiff weathering together with some detail parts for decoration. This turned the new loco in a real work-horse of backwoods railroading.

I for myself like her much more this way. I’m also very happy with the result, as I had to fight some problems during the process. Also new are some parts on the loco as the oil-pump above the eginieers side cylinder and the drain cocks.

So let’s go out in the garden and watch her in action.


  • Thomas says:

    Großartiges Video!Macht Freude die kleine Krausmaschine im Einsatz zu sehen!

  • Robert Shufflebotham says:

    Thank you very much for the video. Very enjoyable. I will send you photos of our railroad. We model Fn3 logging indoors. Our environment is to violent to play outdoor. We live on the Oklahoma/Kansas border. We are cattle ranchers