[CFF] First operation session with the new siding

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 12 May 2020

Today, we’re back in Romania again, operating the first trains after installing the new siding in the upper section of the garden.

At the beginning, the locos are made ready for todays service. Resita 764-467 will run the main line today, while Krauss 763-237 is back-up loco. The first train of empty log cars is headed by the Resita and takes the left line at the wye.

After most of the upper loop passed, the train arrives at the new siding, where fresh cut logs are waiting for the trip down to the mill. The log cars are placed at the loading side, while the loco shunts the caboose car to the end of the train. The first string of loaded cars is heading down the it came up. Somewhile later, the Resita loco returns with the second string of empty cars for the same procedure.

Down at the main station, the loaded cars are pushed into the stagging tracks at the sawmill. Todays third trip is made from two flatcars and takes the right line at the wye, leading directly to the new siding. The train runs through the first time without anystop and heads to the upper loading spure at summit point. The empty cars are pushed up the grade to get loaded with pulpwood and logs. As there is no run-around loop here, the train continues along the line, by-passes the wye to get a second time to the new siding. Here the loco can switch to the other end and lead the train back around the loop and down to the main station.

After one our of operation, the gas tank of the live steam loco was still filled, so train #4 was made up to bring a herd of sheep to new meadows up in the woods. Once returned, Resita 764-467 is resting at the engine spur, awaiting new train orders the next day.

Much more exciting can be the operation when running my US style logging trains. They will take much more use of the wye for turning locos and will feature wery long trains and more complex procedure to provide a continious flow of fres cut logs to the mill. But more on this will be shown in another post.


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