[MLC] Tree faller saws and peaveys

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Hello logging railroaders,

what would be a logging railroad without loggers and their tools? As I model in a scale of 1:7.2 (42mm scale) I’ve to build most of the details parts on my own as well.

Today we’ll start with a pair of peaveys, used to handle and load logs in the woods. The needed parts are made from steel by using the lathe, milling machine, angle grinder and files.

To get the trees down, I made also two faller saws from a real saw-blade and some husks to hold the handles. These parts are soft-soldered, which is strong enough for “detail-display-use”.

Anyhow, all these tools are fully functional. This will become a bit more difficult when making axles. Therefore I’ll show you the latest upgrades on my logging flatcars next week ;-)



  • John D'Alton says:

    Hi Gerd, thanks for your exceptional ideas on modular layouts, which I want to copy but with some different scenery and module design- based on Australia logging. How did you make the plugs and sockets stay in the end of the modules as I see you have the nuts inside the frame, did you use glue? many thanks.

    • Gerd Ziller says:

      Hi John,

      I just found out that there’s no detail photo on the respective blog page.
      All holes are drilled 4.3mm followed by a flat-head-counter-sunk bit with outer 8mm diameter. I made a stop collar on the drill to make this recess just as deep as neccessary to take the head of the plug/sockets. In case of the sockets, I drill the holes to 6mm afterwards, as they have a larger diameter.

      If you need further details, feel free to send me a mail to webmaster at waldbahner de :-)

      • John D'Alton says:

        Hi Gerd, aha, that makes sense :-) Many thanks. I love your layout design and scenery work. You have solved the big problem of boredom with small/micro layouts!