Trackwork at Karlsruhe

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 29 September 2020

Hello folks,

I got a call end of last week if I could help to lay some tracks at the club layout. So, I went down to the club yesterday and joined Jonas to get a removed section of track back in place. The real railroad beside got new cable ducts, so we had to remove some rails to allow access to the working side. Since the location of the cable ducts has changed as well, we re-arranged the turnouts to fit the new space.

In the end, this took much more time as estimated, but once the final train of ballast was in, the gap was closed again. At least for the last two events this year. Some sections, including a turnout, got damaged by the machines used by the working crew, so we’ll have to spend some more work in the winter month to get everything back in smooth condition.

Bye, Gerd