[GVT] Kerr-Stuart loco – part 2

Posted by Gerd on Saturday, 9 January 2021

Hello again and let’s continue with part 2.

The kit provided by Five79 is designed to fit a N-scale chassis. To make room for the motor, the boiler is missing the lower portion. Since the motor on the Minitrains-chassis will be located in the cab, I made a new full-size boiler from brass. I milled a grove into the boiler to take the LiPo battery. All the RC-components will be fully hidden in the final loco.

When spending attention to the sand dome, I realized that the shape is more oval than round. A few minutes later, a new sand dome was finished on the lathe from brass. To close the rear of the smokebox and to keep the boiler on height at the rear end, I soldered two pieces of brass into milled slots and filed them to shape. The smokebox is the only original boiler part so far.

The stack was the next part to be made new from brass. The stack features a threated 2mm shaft to be screwed into the MT chassis. This holds the boiler in place as common on many Minitrains steam locos. The stack saddle and stack ware made from brass again.

And while spending so much work into a new boiler, it would be a shame to stop when it comes to details. So, I added sand pipes, levers and blower pipe from wire. The check valves are included in the kit, but got new pipes attached.

The next post will show the work I spend on the cab and water tanks.

Bye, Gerd